About Healing Inside


Healing from the inside out is the key to maintaining happiness. 


So many of us are aware that we are carrying beliefs, blockages, and programmes that simply do not serve us. This can be related to a number of factors but normally include the many demands of our material life, and unrealistic expectations on how we should live it that are engrained from an early age. 

My name is Chantelle and my goal is to heal and educate as many people as I can to recognise their full potential. 

After spending the majority of my adult life wondering if I was ever going to feel better I went on a rollercoaster healing journey that led me to finding my purpose. 

Assisting others who found themselves consumed by the expectation of others, self limiting beliefs and culture that does not permit you to live in the present moment. 

I believe that with the correct guidance and working with those who would genuinely like to manifest healing from within we can anchor enough light into this current reality and raise the vibration enough for individuals to change


“I truly believe that there is not a single soul you will meet in this lifetime who cannot teach you something, we are all one” 

In my earlier life I resided in boardrooms enthralled in somewhat male dominated ‘high energy’ environments having a staff of 80 at the age of 26. My learning curve began, no pun intended but these high energy  toxic environments were actually very depleting. I am still a high energy individual but with a much clearer purpose.

Rarely hitting the pause button it wasn’t until I had my own awakening that I realised I was not living the life from a soul purpose. I was living a blueprint of a life that had been presented too me.

I now replenish individuals who are currently in my previous situation with a healthier balance of mind, heart and spirit coherence. The methods that I use are a combination of ancient and modern practices that I have adopted over the years. I have healed many and I often get ex employees contacting me to say thank you for my past guidance. Which I will be eternally grateful for as this has always been my passion from a young age.

I am an intuitively and psychically gifted healer with a natural flair for understanding others. I have also had this role in past lives.

My open honest communication with my clients allows me to connect deeply and remind each and every one of them that we are all human. Or to be precise spiritual beings living a human existence. Once you peel back the first layer of the onion skin you will realise that home is just finding yourself again. 

Much Love X




My mission is to heal, coach and nurture my clients. Healing, truth and finding purpose is key. we are energy.