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The sole focus of the coaching is to improve and guide your soul condition. We are not looking for superficial changes but deep transformation that is noticeable to everyone around you. Once you decide to change from within you will magnetise many things that you did not think were possible. Working withing the parameters of love truth and humility we can move mountains. If you have an interest in the spirit world or would like to sharpen your gifts then this is for you.

Chantelle @ Healing Inside

Spiritual Coaching with Chantelle


No one thinks they need a coach however one thing I have learnt is that there is always someone who has faced or overcome something you are hoping to accomplish.  

I am a naturally gifted healer which sounds a big headed as I write this but it is true. In fact we are all gifted healers and mediums so really it is just rememebring that we all have these gifts.

If you have an issue that is troubling  you: confidence, self image, spiritual, relationships, progress in life, addictions, brain chatter, body image.

This list could go on and on.  I can help.

As a holistic healer I would never advise anyone to stop existing treatment for conditions. The great thing about healing is that the only side effect is healing. Many treatments and medications have a long list of side effects

Did you know that trapped and unprocessed emotions can result in health issues and disease?  How would your life look if you trusted someone to help you move forwards in a loving way.

All it takes is to have someone who believes in you and listens attentively. The coaching is entirely in unison with your free will and you will only be supported in the things that you would like to achieve.

Coaching isnt always about earning lots of money or getting the dream car. It can be to have the motivation to get through one obstacle  and overcome  another with ease. It could be how to manage our emotions or inter-personal relationships.

The following subjects are commonly covered in coaching sessions, perhaps I can help you too?

  • Processing and releasing your emotions
  • Understanding your own energy
  • Understanding Spirit influence
  • Your true purpose in life
  • Living a harmounious life and honouring your desires without guilt
  • Relationships, codependency and attachment?
  • Focus and managing distractions in a world designed to distract you?
  • Unhelpful brain chatter, believe me I had this for years and I understand.
  • Speaking your truth?
  • Your dream job or growing your business
  • Navigating your life via societal pressures and expectations

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Coaching in Harrogate



Coaching is the perfect accompaniment to mastering those big life changes. Not only will it keep you motivated and assist you in achieving your goals. Your entire life landscape will be considered making coaching flexible and effective.   

In an age of uncertainty, the one thing that you must be able to count on is yourself.  

At times, it can feel impossible to get over that next hurdle or battle through a persistent problem, however the feeling of making those steps towards your goals far outweighs any short term discomfort   

Please remember you are worthy; you are loved and you are not alone in your journey.  

Innate love and contentment is inside all of us, you will be delighted with yourself when you see what you can achieve in just a few weeks.  

A sample of modules available for coaching are as follows:

  • Clarity and Confidence
  • The mind, body and spirit connection
  • A purposeful existence
  • Harnessing and healing your energy field
  • Uncovering the Shadows
  • Vibrating up to a place of love
  • Meditation and a quieter mind
  • Love or attachment
  • Addictions and spirituality
  • Shadow work and peeling back the onion layers
  • Manifesting and Creating the reality you desire
  • Surviving as a Sensitive  ( HSP and Empath)
  • Finding your tribe, leaving behind toxic friendships


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My mission is to heal, coach and nurture my clients. Healing, truth and finding purpose is key. we are energy.