Energy Healing


Healing inside is the key to balancing your mind, body and spirit. Starting from the inside is key there is very little in the ‘material world that will  bring you lasting joy. Love and attachment are too very different concepts. Our techniques are scientifically proven to have a significant impact on your mind, body, and soul. The reviews speak for themselves.

Energy healing clears your mind and your body and soul. It is commonly offered by hospitals to outpatients


Life force energy to humans and animals is what water is to a fish. Have you ever instantly felt something when meeting someone that you can’t explain? This is your energy field feeling another persons.

Understanding its role and impact allows a deeper understanding about life in general. Life force energy surrounds and interacts with each and every one of us.

The quantum field can be manipulated by thought and intention. This works on a subatomic level.

How mind bending is that? Clients are often amazed that they didn’t know this sooner.

An energy healer works with your very own energy centres called chakras and meridians.

Many years ago, I used to cringe when someone mentioned their ‘energy’.

Now I realise what a fundamental part of life it actually is and what a huge impact . After practicing so many treatments and having amazing feedback I soon realised that this was a world I needed to submerge myself into fully.

You will soon come to realise like I did, that there are more to human beings. Our mind chatter and habitual behaviours are just a drop in the ocean to the potential that is waiting for us in the present moment.

Energy Healing  has the capacity to assist with any of the following:


  • Illness – Treats symptoms and causes of illnesses at whatever level they exist
  • Stress – Alleviates ailments connected with stress
  • Wellbeing – Promotes a greater sense of wellbeing and peace
  • Pain – Improves Joint Mobility and brings relief from chronic pain
  • Emotion- Releases blocked and suppressed feelings. This is why some clients may cry after the session. Which is actually a good thing :
  • Relaxation- Induces deep relaxation
  • Recovery- Accelerates recovery from operations and treatment
  • Detox – Balances the organs and glands while clearing toxins

My mission is to heal, coach and nurture my clients. Healing, truth and finding purpose is key. we are energy.