Golden Healer Quartz


Golden Healer Quartz is a beautiful crystal that is really coming into it’s own in recent years.

Golden Healer Quartz is found in various deposits around the world, the largest being in Wales and China. A true Golden Healer Quartz is defined as a quartz that has iron oxide growing just beneath the surface of, or in layers within, the crystal. In particular, the colour of the iron oxide is yellow (rather than the usual red associated with iron).

Golden Healers are said to contain a high and wide ratio of healing frequencies that facilitate multi dimensional and multi faceted healing for both ourselves and in crystal grids for buildings, areas of land or the Earth.

Golden Healers work in a calm way, but the changes they help us to make are deep and on multiple levels. This can often be challenging and it doesn’t happen overnight. We may spend a little time working on our emotions, then on our thoughts, then trying to see things from a higher, spiritual perspective & then integrating these insights on a deeper level ~ alongside healing any physical ailments we may have. This takes a little time and for some it takes a lot of effort. Because this crystal is so effective, we need to be aware that working with it is likely to feel amazing, but we are also going to release a LOT of ‘stuff’.



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These crystals are  definately a force to be reckoned with ~ not so much in how they feel, but in what they do as they are a refreshing, wake up call. They make us walk our talk and do the work we know we should be doing ~ or that we may have been struggling to process. Once focused the pay out at the end of that hard work is immense! We are all learning, growing and changing every single day, but to change on a level that registers within our soul is a very deep and incredibly empowering experience.

Using these crystal as tools to shift old patterns and heal past wounds allows for deep healing as every single part of our energy system is slowly, over time, rewired and reignited! If something, someone or a situation is no longer working for us, we will simply move away from it.

Golden Healers tend to release negative energy within us, whether that be in the form of critical thinking patterns, unhealthy emotional behaviour, past pain, stagnant energy or a lack of deeper awareness of a situation.