Spiritual Coaching and Healing Session 90mins – 6 Weeks



Block booking of 6 Weeks includes in each session

45 Mins of Healing followed by 45 mins of Spiritual Coaching, Bespoke and tailored to your desires

We will talk about anything that may be affecting your emotional health and wellbeing. This is to identify how the blocks are forming in your energy field.

I will work over your aura / field paying any attention to blockages as I  scan your body. I can feel this in my hands and I also get psychic messages when I am working too which I can share with you after the session.

I am always open to questions before the session, I find the more questions I answer the more enjoyable the session is for the recipient particularly if it is their first time.

Before you lay down we will do some breathing exercises together to get you as relaxed as possible before the session starts, also if the weather permits a short walk in the beautiful surroundings.

During your session you will be comfortable and have a choice to have relaxing music played. Some clients prefer no music and some prefer a session with the music. The choice is totally up to you.

Sensations during sessions are that of relaxation and many report as if a weight has been lifted from them. The healing is suitable for pregnant women and works along side treatments such as chemo or recovering from surgery

After the session we briefly discuss anything that came up during the session and detail any aftercare that you may need.