Polished Prasiolite Double Terminated Points


Prasiolite is a rare form of green toned Quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral that contains Iron. It is found naturally in Brazil, Thunder Bay Canada and Poland. The green colour, often referred to as ‘leek green’, ranges from a light green/yellow, green/gold to greenish/ grey and is mainly translucent.

The frequency of Prasiolite connects to the solar plexus and heart chakras. It has a strong connection to the heart chakra which allows for healing emotional issues that are being held within one’s emotional body.

This soft green toned crystal helps one to understand the emotional issues that are holding one back and helps to highlight the areas in one’s life where one need to ‘grow’.


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The energy of Prasiolite will help one to connect to the higher, loving energy emanating from one’s soul and to view one’s life’s experiences from a higher, enlightened perspective. This allows one to have compassion and empathy and to connect to others on a higher level of consciousness.

Via the solar plexus chakra Prasiolite allows one to synchronize one’s ‘personal’ willpower with the higher ‘divine’ will of one’s soul so that one can live life with a more enlightened outlook and use one’s willpower for the good of all.