Septarian Eggs


Septarian is one of the most beautiful and interesting stones that you will  find. That’s because no two stones look  the same.

Septarian is great to carry with you to calm your nerves and remove any traces of nervousness from your physical body. For instance on video calls or when you’re about to speak in front a big audience.

It will make you speak naturally and eloquently without a second thought, and you will have the attention of everyone in the room with every word that leaves your mouth.

Articulating ideas is so important, and keep that in mind if you are wearing septarian stone, or otherwise having it on your person ahead of a speech or when trying to negotiate a tricky issue.

Be it personal or professional, you’ll find it much easier to get from one side of the debate to the other without hurting any feelings. Think of it like a filter.

It’s also a wonderful tool in meditation. Make sure that you focus on the scenarios that you want to manifest in your life while you clutch this stone in your hand.

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Septarian will absorb your energy and transmute it into something that you need to be a stronger, better, and happier person.

It’s a highly grounding stone that will keep you strong and stable even if there’s so much happening around you.

Septarian is the perfect companion stone when you’re under a lot of stress or you’re harboring anger in your heart.

The emotional healing properties of this stone will give you emotional stability, as well as the support and the strength to keep striving.

Septarian will also project tenacity and courage, and it will help you stop feeling lost, afraid, or unwanted. This is really noticeable if this has been a theme in your life.