Tekite helps when to release undesirable experiences. It allows the lesson of the experience to remain and puts the focus on the spiritual aspect of the experience as opposed to the ego centric or material world programmed reaction. This is a great learning crystal for the spiritual journey.

Tektite is known to balance and energizeall of  the chakras. It works to initiate the flow of energy, starting at the earth star chakra as it moves upwards through the chakra body and out the soul star chakra that lies above the crown chakra.

Tekite is not necessarily a grounding stone despite its dark color, but it does open and activate the lower chakras. As the energy of Tekite works its way up the chakra column, it works to stimulates ones intuitive and psychic abilities makig them stronger.

Tektite is also helpful for us humans to expand thier awareness and consciousness beyond the Earth. Working with Tekite will allow you to connect with realms and beings beyond earth.

Tektites are also helpful for those that feel like Earth is not their home or people that identify as walk-ins or ET visitors.


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Because of Tekites high vibration energy, it can help your physical body integrate with high-frequency spiritual and extra-terrestrial energies.

Tekites are formed when metors hit earth some say that they may have travelled from outer space although it is not confirmd. They look like large cintimani stones which do actually come from beyond