Vanadanite Crystal (Copy)


Vanadinite energetically supports the production of hormones and can counter degenerative ageing due to decreased production of certain hormones.

It is useful as a support through both male and female menopause.

Vanadinite also helps protect you against radiation in the environment; especially radiation caused by electronics such as computers and extremely low frequency fields.

Vanadinite helps balance and enhance your sexual energy and reproductive functions. Vanadinite is useful for breathing difficulties such as asthma and congested lungs. It helps with the practice of circular breathing. Vanadinite treats chronic exhaustion and bladder problems.

This is a Favourite, if you have want to feel grounded focused and  tackle that big project you have been putting off then this Vanadite is the stone for you.

Vanadinite is for people who have problems accepting their physical bodies. It has a strong connection to the base chakra. Vanadinite grounds your soul into the physical body and it helps you in being comfortable in the environment. It guards against squandering energy and teaches you how to conserve energy.
Vanadinite will assist in reducing fatigue, breathing difficulties. It reduces inflammation and is helpful for growths of all kinds.

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Vanadinite encourages creativity, playfulness and curiosity. It can help you feel adventurous, willing to take risks and break free of the expectations or strictures of others.

Vanadinite is a stone of energy conservation and healing, it enables you to bring order out of chaos, and if you get spaced out or suffer panic attacks, it will bring you back to earth. It is a stone for attracting money for a major purchase such as a car or home.

It encourages you to express your ideas and desires more easily. It can remove stagnation and institute a free flow of both energy and ideas.