The Science


 Everything is constructed of energy. Yes! you have an energy field around your physical body. 

 We can only physically see a very small spectrum of the atmosphere. 

If we were to try and understand energy healing using Newtonian Physics it would leave us with various questions in relation to the how’s and why’s of energy healing. How can a treatment taken place when the practitioner is one location and the recipient in another? The answer to that is simple: The Quantum field

Now if we apply Quantum Physics then this is where the progress begins. When your practitioner shares energy with you, what they are in fact doing is acting as a conduit or a channel. You also have the ability to tap into this universal life force. As a practitioner there are very specific lifestyle changes that you can make to enhance your ability to channel. For example me personally I do not drink, watch TV, take drugs or eat meat/dairy. It isn’t an absolute for energy healing but I feel that I owe it to my clients to be in the best possible condition and only channel energy that is from the higher realms. Intoxicants such as alcohol can effect my capabilities and also bring in unwanted energy. Everything effects our bodies energetically and I urge anyone with questions to contact me.


More Science..

Scientists are now realising that the answer to the question of life and our physical perception lies in the energetic make up of all things.

Einstein expressed this in his famous equation E=mc², which in layman terms means energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light.


This shows, that in fact, all matter is energy.


According to particle theory  tiny particles in the form of atoms, molecules or ions are moving around at different speeds. If we relate this to Einstein’s theory of relativity and assume that all matter is made from energy, then those particles are also made of energy.

What we perceive as solid, is in fact not.

It is a question of frequency, such as tuning in to a radio channel, and within our limited basic five senses, we are only able to perceive a fraction of these vibrations.

Science tells us that there are frequencies infinitely beyond our sphere of perception.

Our physical bodies are no exception, and are therefore made of energy also vibrating at a particular frequency.

We have our own Biomagnetic field which, like all energy, can be manipulated and channelled.

A fun way of thinking about the universal energy is to just imagine ‘the force’ from Star Wars, its safe, its accessible to all and often leave recipients with a spring in their step.

My mission is to heal, coach and nurture my clients. Healing, truth and finding purpose is key. we are energy.